Adam to Apophis-Review: Grapevine

Something to Get your Teeth into

by Ammy

This is an original, thought-provoking, and well researched piece of work which brings together and makes sense of the seemingly disparate elements of world religion and modern scientific discoveries. It provides answers not only to events in the distant past but also to events currently unfolding in the present day. It uncovers a direct link between the widespread unrest in the Islamic world and the increasingly long list of natural disasters and freak weather patterns now unfolding. It is therefore a must-read for anybody who wants to understand what is going on, and why governments and authorities across the world are trying to gloss it over.

The book summarises the current situation as follows: “For millennia societies across the world have held the belief that at some point in the future there will be a major ‘end time’ phase, culminating in world-wide catastrophes caused by the fragmentation of a comet or near earth asteroid. According to Islamic reckoning late in 1979 we entered this phase, and the world as we know it will end at some point during this current century. There have been numerous ‘end time’ claims in the past that have been repeatedly discredited, however since 1986 following the latest apparition of Halley’s Comet the earth has indeed been subjected to an increasingly long list not only of terrorist acts and revolutions across the Islamic world but also of ‘record’ traumas in the form of hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis. Early in 2013 the world witnessed the power of a very small asteroid exploding over populated areas of Russia. Is there any substance to the long held claims of Islam and other religions? This is the first ever book to analyse ancient chronologies and testimonies in relation to modern scientific research concerning major climatic cycles in the Earth’s recent past. The results are not only eye-opening but disturbing.”


We have all encountered prophecies during our lifetimes that the world as we know it is going to end, and very few of us take these prophecies seriously. They end up just being a passing backdrop to our daily struggle for existence. The predicted dates come and go and the world just carries on blithely much as before. However, what few people know, and as the author demonstrates, is that the earth really has gone through apocalyptic phases on at least 5 separate occasions in the last 6,000 years.

Scientific and historical evidence demonstrates that there really were periods in which the earth was subjected to massive tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and freak weather patterns lasting for decades – and each time this happened millions died and entire societies collapsed into chaos. The last time this happened was in the 6th century AD which in terms of Europe saw the collapse of the Roman Empire, the advent of the ‘Dark Ages’ and the rise of a new religion called Islam.

All the major religions know of these phases, and all incorporate prophesies concerning a future time when society will once more collapse accompanied by the appearance of a mysterious figure. In Christianity it is the Second Coming of Christ, in Islam it is the Mahdi, in Buddhism the Matreya Buddha, and in Hinduism, the Kalki Avatar. This mysterious figure is interpreted as a spiritual entity who will appear on earth and mete out justice and punishment to sinners and establish a new world order of peace and plenty. Disturbingly all these ‘prophecies’ coalesce in the present century. In a bid for dominance religious extremists of all faiths interpret this figure as either a human being or as an entity who is set to punish all those who are not part of their religion or sect and save only the believers. However as Islamic and other commentators made abundantly clear centuries ago this entity is not a human, will belong to no race or religion and will wreak destruction and havoc upon all no matter what their faith or beliefs – and that it is by means of a series of unmitigated disaster and mass deaths that the surviving remnants of mankind will once more find the values of love, compassion, and cooperation with others.

A near earth object

As the author reveals, analysis of the descriptions of this entity as preserved in ancient texts clearly portray what we would now consider to be a near earth object, or asteroid, whose trajectory takes it on a collision course with the earth. However, according to these texts there will be no direct impact – it will explode high above the earth with the force of countless nuclear bombs showering the earth with flaming projectiles causing mass deaths and engendering a nuclear winter and major terrestrial upheaval.

Impact Crater

Up until the 1980s such a scenario was considered extremely unlikely, but recent research has found clear evidence that such impact events have indeed happened in the past and were primary contributors to the simultaneous collapse of societies worldwide. What is more they have happened at regular 1400-1500 year intervals since c4,000 BC. At c4,000 (which the book demonstrates equates to the Biblical date for Adam’s expulsion from Paradise) there occurred what the geologists term the 5.9 Kilo-year event, the most devastating environmental trauma of the recent Holocene era, ultimately resulting in the desertification of vast areas such as Saudi Arabia and the Sahara regions which were once lush with vegetation and flowing rivers. All the major religions speak of a celestial figure falling to earth at this time and landing somewhere in the ocean to the south of Sri Lanka. (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all agree that this is where Adam fell after his expulsion). Significantly in recent years a large impact crater has been discovered under the Indian Ocean to the south-east of Sri Lanka which generated vast tsunamis whose impacts can still be detected on the coasts of Australia, Africa, and India.

According to astronomers sometime around 1990 the earth once more entered a region of space in which there is a greater density of rocks and that for the forseable future the chances of near earth encounters were much greater than they had been for the last 1400-1500 years. It would indeed appear that there has in recent years been an increase in the number of airbursts and close encounters with near earth objects. Most impacts or airbursts happen over uninhabited regions of they earth – they are largely unseen and unheard – yet each airburst can produce the blast force of many nuclear bombs polluting the upper atmosphere and causing major changes to the earth’s climate. In the past 20 years insurance companies worldwide have noted a marked spike in the number of claims arising due to an increasing number of record breaking natural catastrophes.


Coupled with this and seemingly totally unrelated is the sudden upsurge of militancy and revolutions in the Islamic world after centuries of relative quiescence. Sadly a number of the more extreme elements have taken it upon themselves to cause as much havoc and senseless destruction in order to pave the way for the coming celestial entity which they refer to as the Mahdi and the ensuing takeover of Islam. However Islamic scholars of old have made it clear that even Islam itself will only last some 1400-1500 years before its demise.

Friday 13th 2029

Scarily the author has uncovered centuries old ‘prophecies’ from both Islam and Hinduism which give the actual date for the arrival and ‘rule’ of this celestial figure. These are the years 2029 and 2036. Amazingly the dates in these texts synchronise exactly with the trajectory of an asteroid known as Apophis – which on Friday 13th April 2029 is set to make a record-breaking close encounter with the earth followed by another in 2036. NASA scientists, after initially in 2004 (at the very time of the Indian Ocean tsunami which killed hundreds of thousands) considering that there was a distinct impact probability, now reassure us that there is absolutely no possibility of impact and that we are all perfectly safe. Do these ancient writings have any substance?

The author compares ancient Chinese, Jewish, and Tamil chronologies against the modern chronologies established by dendrochronologists and geologists and found direct synchronism between the two stretching back across the millennia. Where dendrochronology records an environmental or climatic trauma the ancient records record miraculous events or celestial beings wreaking destruction.

Angels, Prophets, Giants, Dragons, and Leprosy

The book reveals the true nature and identities of Angels, Prophets, Giants and Dragons. Most disturbing of all perhaps is the books revelations concerning the true nature of the Biblical disease known as leprosy, now euphemistically translated in modern Bibles as ‘various skin diseases’.

By its nature the book’s 390 pages take an academic approach and some may find it hard going since it requires knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines, but it is well worth the effort.  I can highly recommend this book.